5 Factors You Should Understand About Electrical Wiring

Anyone not well-versed in the how electrical systems work would consider this job as incredibly complex, be it for residential or business use.

The most popular Electrician Woking shares some things you should know about electrical wiring in general;

Factors You Should Understand About Electrical Wiring

  1. Rewiring is a Huge Project

Rewiring projects are expensive, because you may have to open up all of your walls, in order to disconnect and cut the old wires, replace them, and reconnect them to outlets and switches, before you can put your living space back together again.

  1. Wiring Codes

Electrical codes were created for protection. These codes were put in place to make certain that the right type of wiring is used in each area. This is also to cut down the risk of a malfunction or surge in your electrical system that may cause electrocution or fire.

  1. Electrical Wiring Colour Codes

Electrical wiring has different colours and each has a specific use.

  • Bare copper and green wires are for safe connections during grounding.
  • Red wires are used for appliances that require a 220 volt connection which mean that it is a hot connection. They’re commonly connected to ceiling fans or hardwired alarms or detectors.
  • Black wires are wires that lead to switches and outlet and also indicate that a wire is hot.
  • Yellow wires and blue wires are usually used in switches that have three or four-way connections, also indicate a hot connection.
  • White wires indicate something is neutral, but this colour can also be used as hot wires where an additional connection or line is required.

Electrical wiring for residential or commercial establishments can be tricky and messy, but with a talented electrician Woking commissioned to work for your project is a sure way that you can’t go wrong.



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