Build a Garden with a Flight of Fancy

A creative and well-experienced Landscape Gardener Solihull can build you a beautiful Hummingbird garden. This type of garden will require you to spend some time on its design; it’s not just a matter of planting a few colourful plants and having a source of clean water, but with the help and proper care of a good landscaper.

To create a home for hummingbirds, you will need to think very carefully on how you lay-out the piece of garden you are putting aside for this project. Shaded areas are necessary for them to make their nests in. Your gardener will use moss, spider’s webs, small leaves and lichens to build nests. Solihull’s’ expert gardeners are skilled in creating and maintaining the perfect conditions for Hummingbirds to come to your garden and make it their permanent home.

A Hummingbird garden does not mean you have to lay over a large part of your garden, as long as you have the right ingredients in place, it takes very little space really. Flowering plants are the most obvious starting place when designing a garden for these birds. They feed upon nectar produced by these flowers, and would seem to be most attracted to red or orange blooms in particular. Gardens in certain regions will attract different species; finding out those that frequent your area will help in your decisions, as to which plants to buy.

As a general rule these seasonal plants are most suited for Hummingbirds:

Springtime: These bushes will make a very nice backdrop to your bird garden, as they bloom in early spring and go through until the early summertime, Rose of Sharon, Rhododendrons and Azaleas. With the Rose of Sharon it doesn’t seem to matter which variety you choose since Hummingbirds love them, with the other two the bright red or pink work best.

Summertime: All of these types of flowering plants will be attractive to Hummingbirds, impatiens, trumpet vines, morning glory, and petunias. Red mountain columbine and bleeding hearts are great for the early summer months.

Autumn: These plants will keep the birds coming back all through the autumn months as well as attracting those that are late migrating, Garden phlox, bee palm, day lilies and the butterfly bush.

Hummingbirds are not like any of the larger birds as they would prefer a water source that is a mist as opposed to a bird bath. A small fountain with a fine mist adjustment is perfect for them. Some taller bushes or small trees provide excellent resting places and hiding places from predators.

Hummingbird feeders need to be strategically placed around the garden, these should be out of sight of each other, as these birds are territorial, by doing this you will also attract more birds. Here’s a little something that Landscape Gardener Solihull want to offer you today. Not only will you get help with your garden design, you can also hire our garden maintenance services.


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